STORIES OF THE HALF-LIGHT | Italian | 68 min | 2018

A film by Luca Magi 


In Italian, “dormiveglia” designates that blurred state between wakefulness and sleep, in which it is difficult to distinguish dreams from reality. On the outskirts of an Italian town, homeless people are looked after at a night shelter. Rostoom is a suspended place: between its walls, there is no space, no time.
At night, around a fire or beneath weak electric lights, the voices of those who keep watch confide in Luca Magi’s camera, in an exercise of extreme intimacy where words become a form of ghostly reverie specific to “dormiveglia”. A polyphonic chant that gives a rhythm to the waiting of these individuals deprived of a future.
Stories of the Half-Light is a profoundly political film which, with militant dignity, looks at those who are habitually represented like skinny silhouettes. Like people without bodies, people without names. Here, these men and women re-appropriate a territory that belongs to them alone: that of dreams. (Elena López Riera)

PRODUCTION Claudio Giapponesi (Kiné)
SALES CONTACT Claudio Giapponesi- Kiné Tel. +393315701223

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