REPORTER  | In Production (Co-production with Otter Films) | Polish, English | 52/75 min | HD


REPORTER - A found footage portrait of a writer and reporter - Ryszard Kapuściński, an Eastern-bloc war correspondent who revolutionised world journalism and become an icon of non fiction literature.

Gabriel García Márquez spoke about Kapuściński as “the Master”. Salman Rushdie called him “a decoder of cultures”. John le Carré wrote: "He was a bold writer, an outstanding investigative journalist with the gaze of a great prose writer.”

REPORTER is a visual collage of images covering Kapuściński’s journalistic assignments. The film is structured around five crucial episodes, which correspond with Kapuściński’s life and his creative turning points. The found footage essay follows the decades and their film techniques, formats and grains. The archives guide the film from sixties till the present day.

We can hear Kapuściński’s notes taken on the airplane just after his departure for Africa. We follow his impressions during a night boat trip. We can imagine his stay in Siberia and the loneliness of being far from home. Archival materials permit to immerse into the atmosphere and context of each époque, following reporter’s questioning himself about the storytelling, the media, about the nature of the facts.

Kapusciński’s archives let us explore the creation process issues more than construct a classic biography. They let us comprehend the background of Kapuściński’s work, and the factors of his choices and understandings. The film becomes a cinematic essay on the writer’s creative process, his failures, struggles and accomplishments.